I know…

Happiness in life will not stay by its will nor the sorrows will leave you by its own. It is YOU who have to HOLD the happiness and LET LEAVE the sorrows. LEARN from every step of your life and seek help from the lessons to guide you to move on. Whether you do a mind-blowing job, or a disastrous mistake, KEEP IT IN MIND. That mind-blowing job should make you feel blessed and bring smile on your face all the time and that disastrous mistake should warn you not to repeat it another time. But there is always a second chance. Human beings are tend to do mistakes and repeat the same again and again. Not a problem! Life HAS to deal with some sad moments if it really wants to feel the joyous ones. So, ‘positive thinking’ – keep it ALIVE !! ALWAYS.. and all the time. Cheerful moments may not come and walk to you but YOU can go and walk to it and pick it up yourself. Come on! We all WANT happiness. Don’t we? So, why to despair and lose hope? No chance! I demand happiness for myself so I will strive for it. Yes, this is your life and now this is YOUR CHOICE that whether you want to be happy or sad because time will fly by and life will go on……”


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