I’ll creep up on you when you least expect it….
I don’t ask, let you know I’m coming, 

or care who you wish to be involved….
The people I pick for you are most of the time wrong; 

wrong people, wrong timing….
I don’t care if you get hurt 

and I don’t care if you hurt others for me….
I’ll get in your head 

no matter how hard you try not to let me….
You fight me 

and I’ll just fight you harder….
I like to aim for the “good people”, 

because they trust in me more….
But I don’t have any regrets when I hurt you; 

I just sit around waiting to do it again….
You think you’re smart and guarded? 

I’ll defeat you and make you think I’m a sheep….
And when you open up, 

I’ll become the wolf and cut into you deep….
I am LOVE and no one will defeat me….

For I will be around forever, as long as you believe in me….

Yameen Irteza. 🙂


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