What is love..?

When you think about it, love is what you want to be, in any shape, form expression, words emotions… Love is a billion different things for a billion different people.

For me, love is when someone makes you laugh at random moments – but not everytime you’re sad. Sometimes you just need someone there to understand your sadness and warp their arms around you, to tell you everything is going to be okay. Love is when you could stay up for hours and hours into night, talking, talking about nothing that means anything.. Love is when you can be your complete self around the other person without worrying they’d judge you because they already know and love you for who you are. Love is when you make mistakes. When you fight. When you argue, when everything goes wrong. Love is when you realize through all that, you still know you couldn’t live without the other person. So you apologize and make everything better because life too short to not see went wrong and fix it.

Love is when someone means so, so much, words don’t even begin to describe what you feel.


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