Archive | February 2016

Silent perception..

For so long I have told myself that I was the one who let go. I have told myself that it was me who found the strength I never knew I had. But it was you. You left long before I did. You walked away from all that we were, long before I noticed. My mind makes it sound like it was me who made this courageous decision to leave it. It wasn’t me, I was a fool. Maybe that’s why you’re still here in my heart. You had already gone but I have never really left what decided to leave me. 


One last time?..

If you learned of my feelings, my thoughts, you would be speechless.
I chose to love him, which may have been a mistake on my part. I had to live with it since the day he left. The words of a poet cannot describe the loss of the precious individual who truly makes one happy. It cannot be told by those who never understood what the heart held.
It is seen by your eyes, and I believe it is seen within mine. They believe that his absence shall make everything okay. They tell you it is better this way. Then what have I waited years just to feel a part of myself again for? His thoughts escape my mind only at the times when I am smiling and laughing. Then I hear he has moved on and my heart aches. What would it give, just to speak to him one last time?

Two souls…

“The two souls which were one till now, perhaps picked up their own ways today and will never cross paths again.”