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Survivor !!!

“Trust yourself. You’ve survived a lot, and you’ll survive whatever is coming.. “


All night 

We stayed up all night, until the Sun kissed the sky… ❤️

Slowly, but learning… 

You may be like me. You may believe that letting go means giving up. For a long time, I believed this. But it isn’t true.
You see, accepting that some things truly will never change, and then moving on, doesn’t mean you don’t care. On the contrary. Love very often requires letting go. Real love is about acceptance. And sometimes that acceptance means accepting the limitations and reality of a situation. That doesn’t mean giving up. And that doesn’t mean losing hope. It just means submitting to the way things are and believing firmly that they are what they are for a reason. 
Trust me. It wasn’t easy for someone like me to accept this reality. See, I give. Maybe too much. When I care about something, I give it my all. 

Although it has taken me time to learn this lesson, I am learning. 
Slowly, but learning.