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Unfortunate to love you…

They say I’m stupid to hope for us to happen, but not being able to see your flaws. They don’t know the way I feel about you, but I will not bother you by letting you know. I will just bid a simple goodbye, but will not let you make me fall in love more. I will miss you silently from a different time zone, but will never ask you to miss me. I will keep looking for you in everyone I meet, but will never be able to replace you. I will always hope you get best of everything, but will never ask why wasn’t I not worth it. I will love you with all my heart, but will never let it reach to your part of the world… 


Stop seeking someone’s attention. Stop seeking someone’s affection. Never ask for someone’s time.

Never beg for someone’s trust. Never seek for someone’s commitment.
Never beg for someone’s love. You shouldn’t have to run behind someone to be with you, you shouldn’t have to beg someone to stay with you, and you shouldn’t have to beg someone to understand you It’s not supposed to be that way and if they cared about you at all, they wouldn’t ever make you beg for anything from them.A person who cares about you will show you consistency and no, that doesn’t mean he or she will constantly remind you of what you mean to them, but you’ll just know based off of how they naturally treat you.Everything you’re begging for should already be a given and if it isn’t, then that’s something they need to acknowledge and understand and if they don’t, then that just means they don’t want to give you what you need, stop wasting your time on someone like that.You shouldn’t be feeling low enough wanting this person to see how hurt you are, so please don’t beg to be cared for because it’s degrading and it’s demeaning and you are so much better than that.Remember, if you have to run, beg and remind someone constantly of your worth, THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT.


Nazia Chowdhury