The choice …

Spending time with you showed me what I’ve been missing in my life. The more time we spent together, the more I could imagine it lasting in the future. That never happened to me before and I’m not sure It’ll ever happen again. I’ve never been in love with anyone before you came along – not real love anyway…not like this. And I’d be a fool if I let you slip away without a fight. 


Sincerely hope…

I sincerely hope that your soul finds peace. You broke me, but it was only because you were broken. I will heal because I know I need to, but I worry that you will never realize that you are in need of healing.  

Be okay….

How beautiful to find a heart that loves you,Without asking you for anything, but to be okay. 

Mirror mirror…!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall I’ll always get up after I fall. And whether I run. Walk or have to crawl. I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.. !!